Renewable Natural Gas Project Development Finance and Consulting

Vireo Energy is a renewable natural gas development and consulting firm, providing innovation solutions for biogas, renewable fuels including landfill gas, waste water treatment plants, anaerobic digesters and all other methods of biogas creation.  In addition, Vireo Energy is developing off grid energy solutions for the developing world through PAYGo solar home system and solar generator distribution and finance.

Equity – Debt – Tax Equity – Project Finance – Off Grid PAYGO Finance

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision reflects our primary goal of growth for Vireo – helping promote a low carbon future with existing and new technologies that create a path towards sustainability and better environment for generations to come.

Our mission is to promote clean technology in all its forms while focusing on the most economic solutions to these problems.  We strive to build relationships by enthusiastically anticipating, identifying, and responding to our clients’ needs – by ethically basing our conduct and decisions on what is right – and by professionally continuing to acquire the highest level of skills and knowledge in order to provide them with the best service in the business




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